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Coach Ibrahim Tayfour

Senior DNA PT/ ACE Certified PT/ ACE Sport Performance Specialist/ ACE Corrective Exercise Specialist/
Resistance Training Specialist/ Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist/ BS Sports Coaching and

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Coach Ra’ad Shurafa

Senior DNA PT/ IFPA Certified Personal Trainer/ IFBB Certified Personal Trainer/ TRX FT/ TRX STC Hypertrophy/Resistance Training/ Physique Competitor/ Team KABS

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Coach Batool Naghaway

DNA Ops Officer/ PT/Floor Coach/ TRX FT

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Coach Esra Hanley

NASM Certified PT/ Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist/ Certified Stickmobility Instructor/Kettlebell/ Essfit Group Training/ Free Flow

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Coach Hamza Haykal 

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist / British Olympic Weightlifting Verified Trainer/British Swimming & Amateur Swimming Certified Coach/ Resistance Training/ Aerobic Capacity

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Coach Omar Azzeh

PT / Qualified TRX Suspension Training / Balanced Body Mat PILATES / Certified Brazil Body Shape CREF / Certified Medical Tape Concept

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Coach Jalal Al Daajeh 

Team KABS/ Professional MMA Fighter/ Mixed Martial Arts

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Coach Ahmad Al-Hamawi

PT/ IFBB PT Certified/ PT Course Jump Academy/ TRX/Radical Fitness Fight 2/ Boxing/ Kick Boxing/ IFBB
Elite Pro/ Team KABS

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Coach Ala’a Mneizel

Freelance Functional PT/ Level 3 Personal Trainer/ Functional Training/ Crossfit/ Resistance Training/Metabolic Conditioning/ Bootcamp 50/ Precision Nutrition L1

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Coach Rita Marconi

PT/ Qualified TRX Suspension Training/ Balanced Body Mat PILATES/ Certified Brazil Body Shape CREF/Certified Medical Tape Concept/ Myofascial Release Certified

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Coach Ibrahim Jayousi

National Thai Boxing Team Player/ Gold Medal in Arab Clubs for Kickboxing 2010 & 2011/ Muay Thai Professional Trainer

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Coach Dalia Karouti

PT/ Pilates/ Barre Concept/ Cardio Dance/ Aqua Therapy/ Competitive Dancer

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Coach Rawan Abujerise

Freelance PT/ Masters Degree Healthcare Management/ ISSA Certified/ HFFC Certified/ Certified FMS Level 1/ Specialized in Weight Loss Fitness and Health

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Coach Ali Zaqzooq 

Freelance PT/ Functional Training/ Muay Thai & Kickboxing Trainer/ Mobility Trainer level 3

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Coach Khaled Rifai

EREPS Advanced Personal Trainer/ NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist/ NASM Performance
Enhancement Specialist

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Clinical and Functional Nutritionist/ Nutrition & Diabetes/ Child Nutrition/Sports Nutrition/ Weight
Management/ Nutrition Therapy/ Weight Loss Plateau & Weight Regain/ Eating Disorders-Nutritional

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Coach Anas Ja’abari

Freelance PT/ Crossfit L1/ Mobility/ Functional Training/ Strength & Conditioning/ Stay Driven Coach​

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Coach Layali Isbeah


CFES PT/ Post Rehab/ PN1/ Crossfit/ TRX/ Kettle Bell/ Strength & Conditioning/ Les Mills Certified


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Coach Batool Naghaway

DNA Ops Officer/ PT/Floor Coach/ TRX FT

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Ramadan Shaaban


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